H+V VMD Grygov company was founded in 1992.

In that time, it assumed the assembly workshops from Czech Railways, including the complete technical equipment. At the same time, the company established the new production program. The company primarily focused on manufacture of equipment for the preparation of surface and surface protection.

During its existence, the company established itself as a proven supplier in this field. After deliveries of the partial components to the existing paint shops and subdeliveries for general contractors of new paint shops, H+V VMD Grygov s.r.o. became a supplier of complete equipment of operations for the preparation of surface and surface protection. After the provided services and warranties provided to our customers, the company management decided to introduce and certify the quality management system in 1998. The certificate of introduction and usage of quality management system, according to CSN EN ISO 9001 standard, was issued to company in November 2000.

The following items now compose the main production program:

All technological equipment is manufactured in type range, but particularly according to the requirements of our customers, based on dimensions of workplaces, method of product loading and local needs.